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 live a life by design. 

the zealous creative.

this is kaylie.  she is a creative.


Kaylie gains inspiration in what mother Nature wants to dish out. She is a creative. She is an artist. By trade she’s been a professional graphic designer for over 37 years and has taught as an adjunct professor for varying universities and colleges since 2003 (teaching graphic design classes). However, her soul gravitates to more traditional fine art. Ever since the age of 5, anything “art” has been a driving force.


The most recent venture and absolute favorite medium has been watercolor. It has become the preferred medium of choice, but with a dabble here and there using acrylics or pastels and upcycled furniture. Even though she works professionally as a graphic designer, she also teaches many graphic design courses at university and a couple local community colleges to share the love of art.


When it comes to fine art though, her creations will entice the viewer to create a bond, a personal emotional response to the image they see. The images are meant to be distinctive and bridge the worlds of painting and drawing to create a connection that would be unique to the viewer. The eyes are a favorite subject matter – the window to one’s soul. The serenity and understanding the eyes seek – the intricacies and details the naked eye finds peace in – tree trunk crags, dainty leaves, brilliant sunlight, macro details of a flower, animal movement as it moves through life and the fine detail of that creature. This is what captures and feeds the creative fire for Kaylie. She only hopes it does for you as well.


feel free to contact me via email or the quick contact form below

            Check out latest creations and process pics.

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the zealos creative.
zealous creations.

zealous creations.

Inquire via email or by filling out the short contact form in this site
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check out latest creations
and process pics

Thanks for the interest.

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